Launch Housing...

Glad to help... and so grateful that Launch Housing exists.

At Launch Housing in Melbourne, the mission is to end homelessness – yes, that's right, end homelessn

ess. Since COVID-19 restrictions began in mid-March, their team has shifted priority to people urgently requiring emergency accommodation while continuing to support those in crisis and transitional housing.

"THREAD masks are a generous and valuable donation which makes a huge difference to the live of the people we work with during this time of uncertainty. At our crisis services we are are supplying your masks with a leaflet on how to care for the mask. Many residents prefer the cloth masks as they look and feel better than surgical masks. Asking our residents to wear masks keeps staff, other clients and the community safe and mitigates clients possibly being fined if not wearing a mask. Thanks again for thinking of us and your valuable support." – Andrew Koehrer, Launch Housing

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